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When building or outlining your own home; refreshing your kitchen augmentation or including another kitchen expansion; or on the off chance that you need all the more light into your space or upper room change – truth be told, anyplace that you have a level rooftop. The most flawlessly awesome and most reasonable method for accomplishing a beautiful home loaded up with surges of characteristic light is to include ATLAS ROOF LANTERNS.


The Slight Differences among Skypods and Roof Lanterns

Skypods and ATLAS ROOF LANTERNS are fundamentally the same as in that both offer an extremely up-to-date answer for filling exceptionally dim and bleak spaces with regular and enlightening light, and, in that, they both should be situated on a level rooftop.

Be that as it may, a Skypod is in every case just accessible in UPVC while Roof Lanterns are accessible inbuilt in aluminium.


The Skypod is the ideal decision in the event that you are hoping to add stature and light to the littlest or biggest of rooms. The flexibility of UPVC in window development implies that there is an extraordinary variety in sizes accessible, which really implies that there are not very many homes that a Skypod can’t be fitted in.

The colossal advantages of Atlas:

• Made from UPVC which is low support and sturdy

• Very vitality proficient

• Great scope of changing sizes

Roof Light

Rooftop Lanterns are intended to guarantee passage of the most extreme measure of common light yet, in addition,o guarantee the greatest measure of warmth is held inside the room.

The Roof Lanterns are built from aluminium, in such a way, that it is intended to keep the chilly air from outside blending with the warm air from inside. Consequently, guaranteeing an ideal temperature in any room – be it winter or summer.

Rooftop Lanterns are additionally tastefully exceptionally satisfying and furthermore extremely solid because of the aluminium’s designing.

The colossal advantages of Roof Lanterns:

• Made from upscale, solid and sturdy aluminium

• Tiny outline widths to guarantee the greatest glass inclusion zone

• Very vitality proficient

• Aesthetically extremely satisfying

Which to pick? Skypod or Roof Lanterns?

Which one to pick depends completely at work you are doing. For example; on the off chance that you are building a kitchen expansion then you might need to utilize a Roof Lantern since it is somewhat more tastefully satisfying.

In any case, in the event that you are building a garden compose room you might need to pick a Skypod on the grounds that it is more qualified to a room that is utilized less in the winter than in the late spring.


Likewise, in the event that you have a little room that you need to include a Skypod or a Roof Lantern into; let us say for example an extremely dim patio in favour of your home. Indeed, you are most likely better to settle on a Skypod; this is on the grounds that the Skypod arrives in significantly all the more fluctuating sizes, which will provide food for little room sizes.

Obviously, there are likewise a great deal of different contemplations to consider while picking either a Skypod or Roof Light Lanterns, for example, cost and outline and arranging laws, and additionally, obviously, your very own inclinations. Whichever you pick, the two plans will guarantee a home loaded up with dazzling normal light in the spots you require it most.